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Catch the inspiration.
Snag the values.

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Burlington Home and Lifestyle Show

Something for Everyone.

Home & Garden
Heath & Wellbeing
Activities & Entertainment
Cottage & Recreation
Finance & Opportunities
Consumer Services & Retail Marketplace
Lifestyle & Leisure

Booth space is available in a range of sizes and is well priced to meet almost any budget. From a few square feet, to room for a vehicle, there is a spot just right for you.

All said and done. What is important are the sales you produce, the appointments you book and the contacts you make by participating in the Peterborough Home and Lifestyle Show.

That’s why all of our efforts go to delivering the maximum number of potential event visitors. Attendance we generate through a proven combination of traditional advertising, direct marketing, and new media.

Book a booth and get ready to take full advantage of the results face-to-face direct marketing brings.

Number of exhibitors in each business category is limited.
Booth space is allocated in order of booking.
Contact us today for an Exhibitor Kit.

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